Confinement Lady and Confinement Centre Things you should take note of

Confinement centre:

  • Package price, Package services
  • Private bathroom, does the bathroom have a water heater
  • Is the environment is clean and suitable for you
  • What the things to bring in
  • What has been prepared by the confinement centre
  • Is there an air purifier in the baby room, UV light sterilise
  • Will the baby be bathed in the baby bath room or the shared bathroom
  • Is there a jaundice detector
  • How does the confinement centre deals with jaundice
  • Is there CCTV around, and how can mummy see the video
  • What the ratio between a caregiver to care of how many babies.
  • Is the food freshly cooked or delivered from the central kitchen?
  • Food and recipes (time scheduled to drink herbal soup, eat fish, eat chicken, time for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper)
  • Is the recipe based according to the mummy confinement check in date?  (some came in on the 1st day, but is eating the 10th day menu)
  • Does the confinement centre includes Dad’s meal (if not, how much does one such meal cost)
  • Does the confinement centre Breastfeeding friendly
  • Does the confinement centre allow husband to stay overnight
  • How does the confinement centre guide the new mummy knowledge regarding taking care of the baby, nursing, breast feeding technique, etc.
  • Will there any Doctor & TCM come centre visit, consulting
  • Are there any strange rules in the confinement centre
  • Check online chat groups to see what the reviews of the confinement centre
Confinement Lady:

  • To negotiated Confinement Lady Charges & work good luck Ang Pow.
  • Mummy must be clear about the job scope of the confinement Lady (this is very crucial as it often differs from mummy initial expectations)
  • Normally, the work scope of confinement lady is just focusing on babies and mummy daily care only.  Clothing wash & cleaning works are very subjective.
  • To ask the confinement lady what to prepare beforehand? For example: medicines, supplements, recipes, baby & mummy stuffs
  • How the confinement lady going to guide and share to mummy some knowledge’s, like infant care, nursing, breast feeding techniques, nutrition meals for recuperation.
  • Ask how the confinement lady to arrange her time in infant care, mummy care and confinement meals preparation.
  • Ask the confinement lady what are the taboos (restrictions) for confinement mummy and baby (if mummy can accept it, then should be fine).
  • The confinement Lady will just help to cook Mummy meals.  The hubby would need to search and buy many stuffs for the baby and mummy.  Hubby be prepared to face the pressure and busy for it.
  • Check online chat groups to see what the reviews of that confinement lady
At the end of the day, it depends on factors like the environment and whether the supporting facilities and prices are deemed the most suitable for you

Published : 9-Oct-2020

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